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Anti Narcotics Force job 2022 People have affection and respect for their native country. Everyone wants to keep their home safe from several internal and external issues. Not everyone has that opportunity. However, they all have admiration for those who receive this honour. Jobs with the ANF offer opportunities to those who want to serve their country. Each open post receives advertising from them. In order to give everyone a chance to defend their country, this is necessary. It is simple to apply for and view job postings with the Anti Narcotics Force job. They are now looking for a variety of positions.

Not only do these positions allow you to serve your country, but they also provide other advantages. If you have what it takes to get in, it is the best job route you can choose. They provide their staff with the best benefits. sufficient pay to support your family. Your lifestyle is enhanced significantly by working here. However, it is not all they provide. To be seated in this room, one must earn everyone’s respect. They are a powerful force in Pakistan and are well-known. Everyone who works here is treated with the same respect as the institution. Because of this, no one lets an opportunity like this pass them by.

They must uphold important obligations. There is a tight requirement to join due to the significance of what they perform. They turn away the majority of applicants, but those who get in have a promising future ahead of them. Learn the prerequisites for applying to any position from here. Making an informed decision will be possible after you understand how they operate. Find out more about the benefits and pay at ANF. Then, if you believe you are qualified, submit an application for a position. Find out how they choose their employees.

Organization NameAnti Narcotics Force
Job LocationOverall Pakistan
Required QualificationMatric , Intermediates , Master Degree
Age Limit18 to 30 years
Job NatureFull Time
Job CategoryArmy Job
Posted Date06 Nov 2022
Salary30,000 to 70,000
Total SeatsMultiple+
Anti Narcotics Force job

Anti Narcotics Force job Vacancies List:

  • Assistant
  • Sub Inspector
  • Stenotypist
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Photographer
  • Networking Operator
  • Constable
  • Driver
  • Naib Qasid
  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Sweeper

About,Anti Narcotics Force:

Anti-Narcotics Force is referred to as ANF. It functions as a federal agency. The Pakistani government is in charge of this institution. This body is in charge of carrying out strange tasks. It is clear from its name that the main mission it completes is stopping drug smuggling. The institute was founded in 1995 and has undergone numerous name changes. In the past, it has gone by the names PNB, PCNB, and ANTF.

Whatever shape this institution took, its fundamental responsibility remained the same. This institute is currently run by the Ministry of Narcotics Control. To safeguard the safety of the nation, they finished a number of significant operations. Other than dealing with narcotics, it also has other duties. They assist in combating money laundering. To accomplish their objectives, some of its officers committed martyrdom.

In four stages, they exterminate their prey. They begin by locating the source of the issue they are experiencing. Then they invade to seize all the illicit property and eradicate all the drugs. After that, assets like money and illegal property go to the federal government. You are now aware of how this body moves. You also understand the significance of its jobs.

Anti Narcotics Force job Requirements

  • The candidates’ maximum age is the first criteria for these occupations. Candidates for inspector level positions must be at least 20 years old.
  • For lower job positions, the maximum age is 35 and is 28 for all other positions. For positions at the Director level, candidates must be between the ages of 37 and 45.
  • Candidates need to be between 42 and 50 years old to run for the highest position. For certain positions, some physical requirements, such as height and fitness, also apply.
  • These positions have stringent educational requirements. For the lowest ranking position, starting with bachelor’s degrees. In law and other similar academic programmers, it can go all the way to a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.
  • They take on freshmen and mould them through training and internships. Freshmen may apply for entry-level positions. They will then advance in rank as time passes. Only top level positions are open to experts.
  • The experience required by this institute relates to your prior full-time employment in any position linked to law. Officer and other entry-level positions require a minimum of two years of experience.
  • The required experience for assistant and deputy for directors and generals is 5 to 17 years.
  • Depending on the type of employment you seek. Candidates need 22 years of professional experience in any law institute to be considered for the Director General’s highest position.

Salary & Benefits for Anti Narcotics Force job:

People come here in search of the finest pay and job prospects. The work with the Anti Narcotics Force job is challenging, but the benefits are incredible. Compared to other public institutions, the salary are not very high, but the perks are much higher. A basic inspector’s salary ranges from 30 to 70 thousand Pakistani rupees per month. You receive a number of allowances along with these wages. A deputy director makes between 1.2 and 1.7 million PKR annually. These pay rates are enough alluring to make you yearn for employment.

Anti Narcotics Force job Contact Detail:

Address Airport Bus Stop, Askari VIII Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000
Phone No._________________________________

Anti Narcotics Force job Advertisement.

Anti Narcotics Force job
Anti Narcotics Force job

How to Apply for Anti Narcotics Force job?

Good benefits and a fair application process are features of ANF positions. If you wish to work here, this is your opportunity. You can apply for a job at Anti-Narcotics Force with all the details you need. They attract many applications by using various adverts, and they choose the one who best fits the job description.
Applying online is all you need to do right now to secure your ideal job. To apply, go to on their website. They will do this to register on the website and submit their application..

Your recruitment step will start if the body accepts your application. You’ll be required to take aptitude exams. They would next assess your physical condition before sending you for the interview. Give the appropriate responses to land the job. Applying will be simple if you follow these directions.

  • Visit the organization’s website.
  • Fill out the registration form with the correct information.
  • Select the position by clicking.
  • Send in the application.
  • After paying the application fee, wait for a response.

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